Atlas Copco Oil Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressor

GA 37+ -75 (GA 37+, GA 45+, GA 55 and GA 75) oil lubricated rotary screw air compressors

The GA 37+ -75 90 is an air or water cooled, silenced, rotary screw compressor with an integrated refridgerant dryer which has extended monitoring capabilities, industry leading in free air delivery and specific energy requirement. The compressor packages are completely wired and equipped with all interconnecting pipe work and fittings. They include a direct driven state of the art compressor element, a totally enclosed fan-cooled electric motor (IP55), together with lubrication, cooling and highly efficient Elektronikon® Graphic regulation systems.

The compressors are enclosed in a sound-insulated bodywork where noise levels are minimized. This allows the possibility to have a workplace compressor next to the point of use, minimizing installation costs and maximizing energy efficiency. The front panel comprises of an electronic control graphic module including the start and stop buttons. An emergency stop button is also provided.

GA 37+ -75 Full-Feature

The GA Full Feature are additionally provided with an air dryer which removes moisture from the compressed air by cooling the air to near freezing point and automatically draining the condensate

Designed for extreme running conditions

The GA has been designed to operate continuously in the most extreme running conditions. All rotating components are totally enclosed and protected against contamination to ensure long and reliable operation. The compressor cooling system is sized to run perfectly in ambient temperatures up to 46°C/115°F and high ambient versions up to 50°C / 122°F for Full Feature (with integrated dryer compressor).