We are service provider for projects & maintainance "Under One roof". A strong dedicated force of more than 2200 professionals, which comprises of Design & marketing Engineers, Manufacturing work force and 24x7 product support engineers, which helps us to maintain high standards for all our products.

Our products are sold and supported by a wide network of Atlas Copco Compressor Branch offices and independent distributors.

For any assistance, please contact our 24X7 Customer Support service

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Service Offerings

- Operation & maintainance Contracts of LT/HT Panels, AMF Panels
- Annual Maintainance Contract of Transformers & Package Substations
- Shutdown & Breakdown maintainance
- Turnkey Electrical Contracts, Substation, Electrical Wiring
- Transformers overhauling services
- OLTC & RTCC Panel Repairing
- Acoustic enclosures solutions & Spare Parts
- Transformers oil Filteration & Testing Services